Integrate Video into Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Strategy

As Creative Science Labs’ Digital Marketing Manager, it’s my job to keep our clients’ marketing efforts focused on strategies that actually pay off for them. Our clients are always grinding away to promote their mission and see it succeed. Therefore, when it comes to marketing and spreading the word or inspiring audiences to contribute to their cause, there’s no room to dilly-dally.

Video has become the star of the show when it comes to marketing as of late. Need some convincing? Take a look at these two stats:

  • Videos on your organization’s Facebook page can increase engagement by 33%
  • Embedded videos on an organization’s website page can increase traffic up to 55%

So, it seems like video is something your nonprofit should be using, right? Here are 3 ways to integrate video into your nonprofit’s marketing strategy:

1. Help your visitors get to know you

When a visitor lands on your site, they start browsing to understand the what, who, how and why of your nonprofit. Unless they are able to easily get acquainted with your nonprofit in the first 30 seconds or so of arriving at your page, chances are they’ll leave. A video on your nonprofit’s homepage that gives your visitor the download on your organization can lead to that individual feeling compelled to follow you on social media, subscribe to your newsletter, or even make a donation.

2. Inspire your website visitors to donate

Regular donors and potential donors love to see where exactly their money is going. What better way to show your audience where their donation is making a difference than through a video? Giving your donor the chance to see the the grateful faces of those benefiting from their donation will give them satisfaction and hopefully lead to future donations.

3. Stand out during end-of-year fundraising

At the close of the year, individuals are bombarded with an overload of emails from nonprofit organizations asking for last minute donations. If you want your organization’s message to break through the noise, integrating a video into your outreach strategy could be the way to go. A video explaining where exactly their end-of-year donation will be going and why it is important they contribute, is a sure way to compel them to participate.

In Closing…

How successful your organization is at fundraising comes down to how well you inspire individuals that your mission is important and that they should support it. Video is an excellent medium to reach individuals on a personal and emotional level in a quick and entertaining fashion. Give it a go!

Ready to integrate video into your nonprofit’s marketing strategy but not sure where to start? Drop me an email at or tweet at us @creativesci. We’d love to chat with you about where to get started.

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