Building A Dream Project

First Time Author

The process of writing was an experience of a lifetime. Believe it or not, it took some time for the word “Author” to resonate with me.Way before I wrote the eBook “In Due Time…”, I started writing poetry at a very young age. I was very much into doing art projects and incorporating some form of writing. Later while in high school and college, I started drafting short stories. I had a ton of notebooks and journals. After graduating from college, I started working as a web designer and commuted to work on the train. The train is where all the magic happened along with the help of a journaling App. I had no earthly idea that it would turnout to be an eBook.

I developed parts of the story each day, as I rode the train. I remembered being in my apartment night after night making edits and reading out loud. The story came to me like it was already there in my mind and all I had to do was write it down.

As time passed, the characters became real. Everyday at work I would mention my story. I felt like many of my coworkers and friends were just as excited as I was. After chatting with my former leader, he asked me if I thought about doing an eBook.

I actually didn’t think about publishing an eBook until that very moment.

I went home that night and did some research on the process and the use of different platforms. Everything seemed pretty straight forward.

Now that the editing was done, I had to create an eBook cover. Being that I have a background in Graphic Design, I decided to do it myself. I wanted everything to look as realistic as possible so I needed a model for the cover.

I made an ad online with a description and details about the book and, to my surprise, I received an email within a few days. The young lady was perfect for the part. We worked with a good friend of mine, who was a photographer. At this point, I became the designer and director of the photoshoot for my eBook.

I set a strict deadline for everything to be done.Once all the photos were finished, I began designing the cover and created a survey for my ideal audience to see if anyone would have interest in the story itself.

I decided to self publish my eBook and market it as well. I remember filling out the forms on the first platform and spelling my name wrong (talk about being nervous). I swiftly made the corrections and patiently waited for the eBook “In Due Time…” to be presented to the world.