Paying Yourself First

So it’s the tail end of the work week and it’s payday, many people either look forward to it or dread the day before it comes. What if every payday was actually a day you get paid? I’m talking about paying the hard-working person in the mirror. Just think, you have given 40 hours (many times more) of your precious time not including sitting in traffic, waiting for a bus and/or train to work.

So how do you pay yourself first? You simply save, as much as you can. A wise woman once told me, it’s not about how much you make but what you do with your money. That same woman, who is my mother, now a part of a family own moving business of 20 years.

At age 27 I was able to buy my first house and afford to have a small dog as well. I thought I couldn’t save but I knew if I didn’t I wouldn’t be doing myself any justice. The best way to save is to do it without you really noticing.

I challenge you to set up automatic transfers or even direct deposit for a percentage of your check into your savings account. Although traditional banks are good, I would highly recommend trying a credit union.