We all deserve a break from time to time but it’s up to the individual to know when to take one. I recently decided to take a social media detox after finding myself spending so much time online. I challenged myself to go without social media for 30 days. Not a big deal — right?

The first few days were quite challenging. I felt like someone took my journal away and left me with only a sticky note. The image below was the last thing I posted on Twitter and Instagram. Someone asked me, “What about the people who follow you: Would they still be there or would they just wither away? If you have a connection with someone, social media doesn’t have to be the determining factor.

The next step was to delete the apps. I replaced them with Mario Run (game) and Libby (reader for library books) apps. I eventually got bored with the game app but did find an interesting read by Michael Strahan. I finished the book in less than two weeks. I started another on the following Wednesday and was more than halfway done by Monday. For me, starting a new book was like sitting in a classroom with unlimited access to information.

Image found on Pinterest.

As I went into the 3rd week, I reminded myself I didn’t need to be apart of social media everyday. I have several journals that could use some love. I recently sectioned off one of my journals with colorful tabs. The sections included: Personal Development, Feelings, Travel,

Dreams and Vocabulary. My favorite tab was Feelings, the one section I planned to only write and never once-over. I didn’t have the urge to make a post or come up with some fancy hashtag. I was living in the moment every second of the day.

I found an interesting article on about how social media can affect our mental health:

The American Academy of Pediatrics has warned about the potential for negative effects of social media in young kids and teens, including cyber-bullying and “Facebook depression.” But the same risks may be true for adults, across generations. When they say “less is more”, that goes for everything!

I made goals along the way. For example, completing a new book every two weeks. I planned to maximize my time by going to more events and cooking nutritious meals. My goals were realistic and obtainable. I shared all of this with my partner so I would be held accountable.

As I move into the final week, I was already planning for my next detox. Hopefully I have inspired you to take a break from your personal social media pages. I can’t begin to tell you how refreshed I feel. Check out my top 10 things to do during your break below:

Top 10 Things to do During a Social Media Detox

  1. Keep a Journal
  2. Read a new book (Recommended Titles: Wake up Happy, Come Before Winter)
  3. Download a new app ( Elevate)
  4. Plan your next vacation
  5. Make a new dish
  6. Take a morning walk
  7. Volunteer
  8. Clean-out your closet (donate or sell items)
  9. Meditate (Recommended Podcast: Meditation Minis)
  10. DIY (craft projects or home decor)