Top 5 movie picks to watch in cinemas or HD this May 2017

Summer has come and the summer movies marathon starts off with 1 hot release after another. Here’s a look at our 5 top picks from them:

1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 — Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi — 5 May 2017–2h 16 mins

What can you expect: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 . is yet another release from the Marvel cinematic universe. This has a different flavor from the avengers where the superheroes are quirkier to the point of being misfits, mostly on the run and outlaws — which makes it a pretty cool movie to watch.

We have a Baby Groot in there, so the cuteness quotient will the geared up. We have the earlier actors reprising their roles — Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, and the rest of the intergalactic hero squad. This move will also bring the complete intergalactic heroes universe closer to the Infinity Wars. The movie also stars Kurt Russel playing the role of father of Star Lord rather perfectly, so a cool addition to the already fabulous star cast.

And if you’ve watched the trailer: “Whatever you do, don’t push the BACK button!”

What people are saying about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.:

As on May 6, 2017 it had a 81% on the Tomato-meter and average rating of 4.3/ 5 on rotten tomatoes, which is really great. Most critics also appear to have liked it. calls it a great watch - but too familiar to the first one. But then again, if a hit formula works, why change it. A must watch for superhero fans.

2. Snatched — Action, Comedy — 12th May 2017–1h 31 mins

What can you expect: The film marks Goldie Hawn’s return to the movies after 15 years along with co-star Amy Schumer. The movie is supposed to be funny, have action and a feel-good mother daughter comedy treat. With Mother’s day on 14th May, the timing surely seems fine. Schumer play the daughter, who books an exotic trip with her boyfriend, but then persuades her nervous mum to join instead, after her partner breaks up with her.

What people are saying about Snatched?

The movie is receiving good pre-release interest and both Hawn and Schumer have a chemistry as mother-daughter which is so natural , it is showing in all their promo gigs. This should be a nice treat to watch.

3. Alien — Covenant, Sci-Fi /Horror — 19th May — 2 h 2 mins

What can you expect: You can expect Michael Fassbender to begin with and direction by Ridley Scott who created a marvel in The Martian. Alien — Covenant is a sequel to Prometheus but it doesn’t seem to be totally linear. Shaw, the heroine from Prometheus who escaped and David, the Android reprise their roles in the movie. How this prequel to Alien’s will connect with the discovery of Xenomorphs (the Alien’s Duh !) in Prometheus is what keeps the suspense alive.

What people are saying about Alien — Covenant ?

The buzz has been created since last year and was jacked up in March. Both Fassbender and Ridley Scott have said that this one will be scarier than Prometheus with Ridley Scott actually saying –‘It’s got everything you want in an alien film. It will scare the living Sh** out of people.” Clearly, one movie you may not want to miss.

4. Baywatch — Action, Comedy — 25th May 2017–1 hr 59 mins

What can you expect:

Everyone has been in love with Baywatch at some point or the other right? And that includes Joey and Chandler. Now the Baywatch franchise comes as movie . Apart from Dwayne Johnson we also have Priyanka Chopra who has had a great run in Quantico — here playing a villain. The ‘Rock’ himself is as good a reason as any for watching Baywatch. The humor and slick talk between Zac Effron and Dwayne was clearly intriguing in the trailer and so were the jokes. Don’t expect end of the world action though. It’ll have cool comedy, some action and mystery and overall feel good factor which is what most of us want to relax.

What people are saying about Baywatch ?

Well, forget people. The Rock has spoken and there just one line you probably need to hear: “We worked hard to make sure the flesh quota was high; there’s more gratuitous boo**, bums, abs, whatever per minute than you can imagine.” He adds. “Plot was important, don’t get me wrong, but so was sorting out our slow-motion runs.”

Yeah, I can imagine how hard all that must’ve been….

5. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales — Action, Adventure, Fantasy — 26 May 2017

What can you expect?

So what would you give to have Jonny Depp return to his evergreen , ever goofy role of Jack Sparrow? It seems from the trailer that age hasn’t caught up with Jack. In-fact it shows him in flashback as a young Jack who made an enemy who is now searching for him. Of course, it isn’t some normal crime flick where an old crime boss is searching for you — the enemy is a dead man who is determined to kill every pirate at sea. To stop him, Jack needs to get his hands on what is called as the Trident of Poseidon.

The trailer certainly is intriguing and has enough slick dialogues and one liner’s with over the top action / adventure sequences.

What people are saying about Pirates of the Caribbean

Early buzz indicates that the movie is at-least better than the last one in the franchise. In CinemaCon 2017 Disney apparently screened the movie to exhibitors and press and there were generally positive reviews and most felt it was pretty close to the original in treatment. It has a new female lead whose work has been praised. Source: Slashfilm

That’s it folks — that’s the round-up and if you want to ge the best movie deals and discounts on snacks for these movies, you can always go to Dealflicks .

Author: Umesh is a movies, HD TV enthusiast who runs a software start-up and also a blog on all the best 4k and Ultra HD TV reviews of 2017.