3 ways stories effect us

I’ve published several blogs about storytelling but this one is more focused on how they have a special way of speaking to humans. Stories boost our curiosity and have an extraordinary way of sparking some of the most tremendous emotions. As brands, we should be sharing stories, not writing mindless sales copy.

Here are 3 ways stories effect us

  1. Stories shape us
    Some of the best motion pictures have shaped certain views and provoked thoughts we’ve never had before. We all have our list of heroic, emotional and comedic films that have created a brand new belief or hope inside us. However, it’s important to note that pushing ethical limits to tell a story can be disastrous…we have signals that pick up on this immediately.
  2. Stories have a way of simplifying your brand
    If you think your audience understands or cares about the complex inner workings of your product or industry, you’re wrong. A great story perfectly summarizes the what, how and why of your brand. Cut all the confusing copy and tell a great story.
  3. Stories engage
    The reason stories work so well is because they naturally capture our attention and interest. The effectiveness of a story weighs heavily on the way in which it’s told. Storytelling is an art and requires constant fine tuning before reaching a winning narrative.