5 Facebook tactics for auto dealers

Oftentimes, dealers don’t receive tactical advice or quality content from corporate to use in Facebook advertising. However, I actually think that’s a good thing because the authentic content developed at the dealership will create better results for dealers. From sales to service, there are endless stories that can be told on Facebook. People are constantly flowing throughout the dealership, giving an opportunity to showcase many employees and customers.

Here are 5 tactics for auto dealerships to use when creating content for Facebook.

  1. Customers- There’s not a better person to promote the dealership. Once the sale is final, take a picture or film a brief video sharing their experience. Facebook’s algorithm responds better now to video posts (especially live video) so you should doing this as much as possible. How much fun would it be to live stream the sales process? The authenticity would create huge buzz for your audience.
  2. Staff- The team behind the experience. Show off your employees, especially the ones that have been at the dealership for years. Also, we all want to do business with fun and friendly people so post about your awesome staff.
  3. Sales- Let’s face it, we hate the sales process. The more content you can share about a positive sales process, the more trust you’ll build with customers and prospects. E.g.: no haggle, streamlined process, knowledgeable sales associates.
  4. Service- We all know the sales and finance team, but what about the service techs? Once the sale is final, these are the specialists that will be taking care of your vehicle. Some examples of content to share: brief how to videos, technician profiles, photos of the different makes & models serviced and personal advice from the service manager.
  5. Inventory- Your inventory (new and used) can always be used for Facebook content. A live video of the delivery of brand new model, video tour of a vehicle with explanation from salesperson, aerial footage of the lot, close up shots highlighting new features and so many more.

Consistency is important. Video produces huge results, especially live. Don’t use pushed down content from corporate, we all see that on national ads anyways.