5 reasons you’re failing at social media

Do you feel social media marketing is a waste of time? Have you concluded it’s just not for your brand/product? A few tweaks to your approach on social can greatly alter your current results.

Here are 5 reasons why you’re currently failing at social media.

  1. Talking to much about yourself
    Content centered around you or your brand steals the attention away from the client or prospect. Write content focused on the hero’s (client’s) journey, not yours. Position yourself as the guide, always being there to help your client achieve their goals.
  2. You’re not adding value
    Give, give, give first! Create and publish quality “how to” guides, lists and other helpful information that becomes a valuable resource for your client. Following this approach builds a special trust that will be admired.
  3. Lack of consistency
    Posting on an inconsistent schedule is essentially as bad as not posting at all. Social media marketing requires a devoted individual within your company to remain engaged with each social network. If you lack the knowledge or people, don’t launch a campaign or strategy until these are in place.
  4. Poor [or no] usage of graphics or videos
    Social media post that include photos and videos (especially videos) rack up the engagement in comparison to “text only” posts. Also, embedding your logo into images/videos is a necessary branding guideline.
  5. Exceedingly automated content posts
    Each social network functions differently and automated systems like Hootsuite aren’t always the best idea. Individualized graphics and posts oftentimes work better because each social media network operates by its own set of specs, algorithms, use of links, hashtags, etc.