A Sleigh Full of Stats: How Mobile Marketing Delivers Holiday Shoppers

Once upon a time, people used to do their shopping by heading out to their local mall, department store or favorite independent retailer. Then, a little more than two decades ago, Amazon sold its first book and the rise of etailers was on. Cut to today, and it’s all about the mobile shopper: Techcrunch reports that it was a record-breaking Thanksgiving and Black Friday, with a reported $771 million in revenue from mobile users. The biggest retailers including Walmart and Target and etailers like Amazon and Etsy centered their most innovative marketing initiatives, including special deals and events, on consumers who shopped with their mobile apps.

Consumer behavior has radically shifted, and the new norm is “supershoppers” who automatically know the hottest gifts for the holidays and where to get those precious presents for the best price possible. In fact, Google reports that 76% of shoppers who search for something nearby on their smartphone end up visiting a related business within a business day.

The analytics get more and more granular about mobile shoppers, with predictions about who pulls the trigger faster on purchases (women), what toys are at the top of kids’ gift lists this year (Nintendo Entertainment System and Hatchanimals), and even what part of the country is the first to hop on a great deal (New England). While the specific information is fascinating, the bigger picture is clear: mobile marketing has to be a top priority for your business as consumers move from their desktops to seek information and make purchasing decisions to doing the deed on their smartphone or other mobile devices.

So nowadays, if I were Santa, I’d be sure my workshop includes a team of analytics elves researching trends, competition and innovative mobile marketing tactics and strategies.