High EQ + self awareness

Staying true to yourself and sharpening your inner strengths isn’t a secret, it’s a daily commitment. Each day presents new challenges and distractions, requiring an investment in your EQ. Also, we need to be devoted to mastering our strengths, this is where we are most passionate and experience killer results. High EQ and self awareness leads to focus, great decision making, keen ability to read others, along with countless other healthy attributes that leaders need to excel.

You can’t get to exceptional levels of EQ and self awareness without others traveling with you on this awesome journey. A coach, mentor, mastermind group or other leaders are required in life for the wisdom, insight and honesty required to reach your goals.

Surround yourself with game changers that will elevate your capabilities, yanking you toward the fullest experience of life.

Dwight Bain (pictured), a friend and coach, has lifted me to a new level in leadership and life.

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