Media budgets aren’t relevant without social buys

A strong content marketing plan needs to exist on all social media platforms that relate to your brand and audience. The social strategy should include ad buys and re-targeting, along with ongoing storytelling to strengthen your results. Remember, a balance has to exist between content and selling…quality stories posted regularly is key!

Content marketing has the highest return among digital activities with the greatest commercial impact at 22% in 2016. Source

Mobile ad spending continues to soar, which means marketers must keep social at the forefront of their marketing plan. A recent quote from Folio Mag says “Mobile ad spending in the U.S. is projected to reach $43.6 billion this year, which is a 38 percent increase over last year.” I don’t think traditional (print, billboard, cable television and direct mail) will ever completely go away but their significance in the market has been on a rapid decline. Marketers are losing by not directing media buys toward social first, utilizing any remaining ad dollars on traditional spends. Billboards, direct mail and other traditionals demand exorbitant spends, while failing to produce the same attention as they once did. Analytics on social provide immediate data for marketers to easily make campaign revisions.

Facebook’s more than 1.44 billion monthly active users around the world spend an average of 20+ minutes per day on the social network, liking, commenting, and scrolling through status updates, according to analysts from Needham, citing comScore data. source

The above data on Facebook was published by Business Insider in 2015 and doesn’t include other hot social media platforms like SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and We all know where people are spending their time so go there!

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