We’ve been storytelling for centuries

Humans have been sharing stories forever, starting with drawings on the walls of caves. We love stories and will continue to relate to and be drawn into a great narrative. The only change is in the way in which stories are now told. Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram are all successful because they are brilliant apps for producing and consuming stories.

Distractions are at an all-time high, but a great story (long or short form) can capture attention through its entirety. Consumption is different among generations, mainly speaking the time you have someone’s focus; and that’s why it’s critical to produce custom content for each social media or communication channel and for each target demographic. 20 somethings view the Facebook Newsfeed completely opposite from that of 50 somethings. Context is the factor, whether it’s a 10 second Snapchat video or 15 minute Youtube video. Understand your audience, produce content geared toward a niche and you’ll see success.