What Humans Have That Bots Don’t — Even if Facebook is Betting on Them

If you know anything about digital marketing, you know one of the hottest topics today is the rise of AI and chatbots (bots).

There are a lot of good things about bots, which help businesses automate conversations and in many ways, alleviate the tedious job of initiating and carrying on repetitive, mundane back-and-forths between companies and customers.

On Facebook, particularly in the Messenger app, which is a rich marketing tool that reaches more than 900 million active users, bots can be welcoming, share generic messages with calls to action, and generally get the personal conversational party started.

And now Facebook says that the new bots they’re developing are getting more human-like and even have the ability to negotiate with people — who can’t tell they’re dealing with a bot.

Although this technology isn’t yet available, Facebook supports open-sourcing AI research, and so these negotiation bots may well be available soon.

While bots are getting more conversational and well versed with the English language, it still takes a human marketer to plan and strategize what the messaging is in the first place. If you see bots not as enemies that are taking away jobs, but instead as helpmates that free up time and space for humans to do higher-level planning, communicating, and engaging, then you’re using your natural born intelligence.

And there’s nothing artificial about that!