Why You Need The Tactical Easy Steps to Storytelling on Social Media eBook

In the age of digital culture, where engagement and interaction is crucial to reach the marketer’s Holy Grail — conversion — being able to tell a compelling story is key.

And social media offers endless opportunities to tell your story through snappy copy, eye-grabbing imagery and entertaining or informative video.

The stories we tell about who we are and what we believe and value not only shape our own behavior, but they also influence how we are perceived, viewed and understood by others.

Tactical, creative storytelling builds customer engagement with your business, your brand and you. Whether you are an experienced marketer or a first-timer, having a thorough understanding of each of the major social media platforms and whom they appeal to most is imperative when crafting your social media storytelling plan.

As a service to my company, Creative Why’s, clients and colleagues, we’ve just released a new eBook titled The Tactical Easy Steps to Storytelling on Social Media, which includes a detailed analysis of the top seven social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest), plus in-depth information about how to successfully create and deploy engaging content with step-by-step guidance for launching a winning storytelling strategy.

To top it off, we have included a 25-question test that will help you uncover interesting and insightful ways to tell your brand story.

What’s your story? Download Creative Why’s newest eBook: Tactical Easy Steps to Storytelling on Social Media now.