Make Your Own Kind Of Music

In the last few weeks we reworked our tree models, got a HUD, a pause and an end screen, acquired new assets for our jungle biome, got a soundtrack for the first few levels, drastically improved our performance and fixed several issues and bugs.

Let’s start with our trees. Since we last talked about them they went semi-3D and got new crowns. As you can see in the picture below the 3D effect is created by cell shading the trees.

We achieved this by slapping a stepped gradient texture on the tree meshes. That’s it. Sometimes it’s really inconceivable with which cheap tricks you can achieve good-looking visuals. The tree crowns on the other hand were a bit on the tricky side of things. A round texture is applied multiple times to a bounding ellipse, following a specific pattern: First nearly equidistant points at the ellipse track are calculated to create the border of the crown. By adding the texture to points located at the diagonals between two opposite track points, we achieved to fill any holes. To avoid recurrences of the same border pattern, the texture is rotated randomly.

Our new HUD, which you can see below, was relatively easy to create.

First off I need to reach a little bit back to better explain why it was nevertheless a bit of work. Before we decided that we want to reuse the whole main menu system for our ingame menu stuff, we had separated scenes for our menu and our game. But to get the most fluid and flexible system, we needed to integrate them into one scene from where everything is steered with a state system. Now we had the possibility to show menu actors inside our game and therefore could easily implement our HUD, the pause and end screen, by designing and positioning our menu elements inside the game.

Next we want to show you some stuff a 2D artist from Russia, Andrey, made for us. You can check his site out here.

He created some really great background highlights which we hope you will enjoy in the final game.

Also this month we got the first few pieces of soundtrack for our game! A composer called Joe, from New York made them. You can listen to these awesome songs here:

Also check out the other cool stuff he made.

That’s it for this month. See you in the jungle!

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