New Game+

Hello everybody! We’d like to present you our new game: Banyan.

In a dramatic chase, separated from his family, a young panther is trying to free his mother. On his journey through increasingly dangerous surroundings he finds companions with unique abilities. In this compelling platformer you will face threats in an ever progressing environment. Will you succeed?

Each new animal friend will provide the main character with a new ability to help him along his way to find his mother. On his journey you will need to help him time jumps and ask his animal friends to activate their special ability. In every level there will be three stars hidden which will brighten the mood of our protagonist.

There will be different environments and levels. Currently planned are a jungle, a city and a vulcanic environment with more to come after the game is released. Each place will feature progressing time and weather as you walk through the story.

The game will feature a simplistic stylized look. There will be different background layers to provide a unique 3D environment (see for an example). Colors and shading will define the mood.

We’re currently actively working on the game and we’d like to share our progress with you.

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