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Dave Chappelle and SNL

​The Mexican and Chicano struggle in this country has been ignored for far too long. It has always been a white or black thing. And even during an election where the clear enemy was my community of Latinos Dave Chappelle and SNL somehow still made it a black and white thing. In fact the only mention of us was the extremely offensive comment Dave made about how we will never get deported because no one wants to pick their own strawberries. If the dummy knew his country he would realize that they have been taking our fathers and mothers away from us for years. Yet our struggle goes on, unnoticed. Now i'm used to SNL neglecting my Chicano community wether its in how they have NEVER had person who looks like me as a part of their show (and there are a lot of us that are talented and very funny you just gotta want us) or in how they never incorporate our slice of the American pie into their shows (unless its the typical stereotype) but this time I just had to say something. If ever there was an episode where the Chicano perspective needed to be on full display this was it. But no SNL decided to go with the played out Black guy and White person perspective that many people I know found offensive. In that initial skit I like how Dave Chappelle so non-chalantly acted as if this election didn't matter well guess what it did matter. Because over here on the East Side of Los Angeles there where mothers and children crying and trembling in disbelief at the thought of what is to come. This election was different because the president elect made it personal. His main objective was to rip our families apart so the anger and heartbreak we feel knowing our country has let us down is strong. Our struggle keeps on being ignored. In this last episode SNL simply reinforced that sentiment.