A Space for Me

Many people have said things about space.

“Space is an inspirational concept,”

Said Peter Diamandis,

“It allows you to dream big.”

“One giant leap for mankind,”

Neil Armstrong said, after he made

One small step for man.

They all said many other things:

About stars, putting our best energies into building rockets

Putting rockets into the stratosphere,

Putting the stratosphere

in its place

So we can all play

The infinite game of space.

And then, they turned to me and asked,

“So, what do YOU have to say?”

Right there I had a choice

Would I use my voice?

Or would I pass,

When I was asked?

I was stressed.

I only had a best guess.

But I wanted to live

On the other side of yes.

I wanted to carve a space within

The spaces

Find my rhymes within the lines

(One that I could call uniquely mine)

To make a mark, a spark

To add to the conversation

As an original product of my

Place and times.

Looking up at the planets

I felt very small.

But I would give it my all.

To never lose the wonder

To speak truth to power

With grace and with tact

About my journey there and back

So I sat down as I wrote, up against the wall

But deep down inside, I was standing tall.

So what do I have to say?

My answer is still being written

But I know I’m going somewhere,

Even as I’m right here sittin’

As I consider at the galaxies out there

Further than my eyes can see,

Right here, with my pen in hand

I know there is a space for me.




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