Originally presented as a keynote for Emerging Writers Festival Masterclass: Cultivating Creativity, 20th June 2019 by Creatrix Tiara (‘Tiara’/they/them).
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List of resources for writing opportunities, especially if you’ve read/seen the keynote before.

When the Emerging Writers Festival approached me about doing a keynote about selling yourself and showed me their proposed blurb, I cackled. …

Originally written 17th January 2019 by Creatrix Tiara (‘Tiara’/they/them). Current version edited by Tove.
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial International 4.0
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Alishia Holmes-Watson (left), Marie Kondo (center) and Angela Holmes-Watson (right) pose for a photo. The couple are featured on an episode of Netflix’s “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.” Courtesy of Angela Holmes-Watson. (via)


In early 2019, I went viral on Twitter for my defence of Marie Kondo / The KonMari Method, particularly the backlash to the (false) accusation that Marie Kondo only wants people to keep 30 books in their home. …

A coin purse becomes a reflection on best friendships lost and found. First performed at Queerstories: Midsumma, Melbourne, 23 Jan 2019

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I got a new wallet the other day.
Black pleather, six silver star studs.
$20 from Typo.

What’s so special about a wallet?
This one has a coin purse.

What’s so special about a coin purse?

One afternoon, after bungling Millionaire Hot Seat by one question, I call my best friend asking to spend some time with him to cheer myself up. We walk around the city for a while, then head back to his place — I’ve spent enough time there that I become part of the house group chat. …


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