When we decided to overhaul the UX and UI of our iOS and Android apps at Vonage R&D Center in Israel, it was very clear to me what screen should be worked on first. Yes, you guessed correctly , I wanted to start from the very beginning — the login screen. In this article, I would like share with you the process of changing the UX of the Android log in screen.

Our login screen hasn’t changed since I joined the company, two years ago, and pre-overhaul it looked like this:

As a mobile designer, I visit Google’s Material Design Guidelines website quite frequently. It has become like a recipe book marked with many dog ears, to which I can return any time a question arises, or a very particular ingredient is needed. In my first article on Medium (yay!) I would like to suggest several ways of working with the guidelines in order to create great products.

Having to rely on these guidelines at work, to keep my design consistent and platform-friendly, has allowed me to get familiar with the system to the point that I don’t need to refer…

Dana Fridman

Senior UI/UX designer at Logz.io. Passionate about products that help humans solve problems.

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