Public’s enthusiasm for cryptographic money has prompted a surge of recent advertising, for the most part via web-based networking media and the internet. Quite a bit of that promoting has concentrated on driving the purchasers’ enthusiasm for contributing money to an Initial Coin Offering or ICO.

The absolute quickest approaches to earn publicity in the investment market in cryptocurrency are Social Networking Sites, Twitter and Facebook being one of the most significant ones. Other than these, –a popular online publishing platform– can be used for textual context, Youtube for video contexts and Telegram, Reddit or even Slack for hosting…

NEM is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and blockchain platform that launched March 31st, 2015 by selling 9 billion XEM tokens through an ICO. The project was extremely promising, but now it’s on the verge of bankruptcy — left with just 1 month worth of operating capital.

While looking at the NEM management team, we find that most of their leadership is spread around the globe, and is now led by a new president, Alexandra Tinsel.

The previous president, Lon Wong, is the one to be questioned regarding the impending bankruptcy. Mr. Wong was the president of NEM until recently, and when…

Is the radical idea of digital, cryptographic asset really a censorable concern for an Indian govt.? Why the overseers are unable to see the worth of the digital assets? Why it is still yet to see the final verdict of the govt. which is pending for many months.

There is no second thought that cryptocurrency would lead to a colossal geopolitical disruption. This can further lead to a shifting of power relation between governments and the citizens. The Indian government has almost made up its mind against bitcoin and seems like considering it as a revolutionary army which will be…

Cryptocurrency spreading its worth globally

With an emerging awareness and sharp judicial analysis cryptocurrency and the bleeding technology behind it, Blockchain tech is able to prove its significance whilst establishing a strong foothold in various countries.

The burgeoning interest of this asset class made elevated governments to announce new changes and experiment with decentralized currencies in a growing industry.

Malaysia after Swiss, Estonia, Gibraltar, Japan, and last, but not, least Malta recently become a convinced country which is ready to set standards for sale of bitcoin and token exchanges in the nation.

Lim Guan Eng, Malaysian Finance Minister echoed such a convincing stance during the…

Oyster Pearl Founder taken Secret Exit while smurfing

Another scam caught into the shackles of social media channels after an exit taken by the unknown and mysterious founder of the Oyster Pearl “Bruno Block”. The scam happened early on Oct. 29. after deploying the transferDirector function on the Oyster Protocol token contract.

Strangely the CEO, William Cordes along with other developers revealed that they weren’t aware of the true identity and the whereabouts of the founder and chief architect of the project.

This is quite outlandish to understand how a project can run with a shadowy figure and get listed on KuCoin- a leading exchange.

Although the trading…

India is Still inflexible: Police arrested Unocoin’s Co-Founder for Unregistered ‘Illegal’ Bitcoin ATM

All across the globe cryptocurrency have created anxiousness and pressure on the governmental jurisdictions due to the fear of money laundering and other issues. However, many governments are trying relentlessly to safeguard investors vulnerability to fraud. This is what Japan the leading supporter of decentralized assets has recently done by confirming Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA) as a legal authority and a certified fund settlement business association to gain rights for regulating the domestic exchanges. That means FSA has legally approved the cryptocurrency industry with a self-regulatory status. …


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