The Move from Hell

Have you ever moved during the winter months? If so you will relate to this post and if you haven’t… DON’T. It is truly the worst decision I have ever made in my married life. First, I applied for a new job in a different state and didn’t think I would get but turns out they really wanted me. I accepted the job and they wanted me to start quicker than I expected.

I am often a very independent person and try not to ask for people to help. At least in my single life. My wife insisted we ask for help, so I did. We are part of a religious congregation and I asked them for help packing all of our stuff into a moving truck looking to save a few bucks I guess. Well this was the worst decision of all time, except for the decision to move during the winter. So many bad decisions. We packed everything in boxes labeled them and the helpers showed up. Now Ohio has some bad winters and it turns out that the weekend we decided to move there was a snow storm that came through. The sidewalk became slippery, boxes were dropped, things were broken and let’s just say we had to buy a new refrigerator when we got to Arkansas.

Everything is packed, my wife is in a bad mood, I’m pissed off and we hit the road. A few hours of good music and no stress uplifts our moods a bit and we are enjoying life once again. I could almost say that I was thinking the worst was over and we just needed to get to Illinois and everything will be good. Well halfway there somewhere in Indiana the heat gauge of the rental truck starts to increase and I’m starting to get worried. The engine begins to smoke and I pull off into a town. I call the number the truck rental company gives us in case we run into trouble and they send someone to come check it out. My positive attitude quickly turns sour and turns out the truck is done for. I know i’m going to get a discount for this terrible inconvenience but it doesn’t make me feel any better. The company gives us money to stay at a hotel while they move all of our stuff from the one truck to another truck.

This move has been so terrible that at this point my wife and I can only laugh. The next day we hit the road again with the worst behind us. I’m happy to say that no other problems occurred but the prior things that happened completely wiped us out and our usually positive attitudes were deflated for a good amount of time. We definitely learned some things through this ordeal though. We learned that it is much easier and much less stressful to hire a moving company who are professionals and know how to stack boxes, move fridges, protect furniture and also have guarantees for those things.

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