PhotoChromic and Credefi are joining forces to explore multiple use cases for self-sovereign identity captured as an NFT and its application to ownership verification, online account authentication, bond identification to documents, electronic signatures and record.

PhotoChromic extends the ownership record of an NFT by enabling a biometric hash of the…

Credefi, the leading lending protocol bridging crypto lenders with small and medium enterprise (SME) borrowers from the traditional economy, is pleased to announce and welcome Skynet Trading as Credefi’s strategic partner.

Skynet Trading is a licensed boutique firm deeply focused on developing trading strategies for the cryptocurrency market. They have…

Greetings Credefians! We’re excited to continue the Discover Credefi Series. In this episode we’ll be talking about one of the most important steps in the journey of each project — the Launch.

We are very close to the moment all Credefians have been waiting for…our IDO. …


Credefi is the world’s most advanced DeFi P2P lending platform that utilises the power of blockchain. Banking Redefined.

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