Reviews to rock your business and attract awesomeness

“Positive attracts awesomeness and business.”

This is probably the rule of internet when it comes to the business in digital market. The burgeoning digital movement which has been escalating at an exponential speed has today made the word-of -mouth advertising the best of all marketing tools available to the businesses of all sizes.

As per the data revealed by the research giant, Neilson, 705 of the customers globally tend to scan online reviews and testimonials when it comes to picking up a product or service. The fact has further been enunciated by few other think tanks, emphasizing on the importance and infinite possibility of the reviews.

  • A one-star increase on Yelp leads to a 5% to 9% increase in revenue (source: Michael Luca, Harvard Business School).
  • 70% of global consumers trust online reviews, an increase of 15 percent in four years (source: Nielsen).
  • 80% of consumers change their mind after reading a single bad review (source: Cone Communications).
  • One negative review can cost you 30 customers (source: Convergys).
    7 in 10 who read reviews share them with friends, family & colleagues thus amplifying their impact (Deloitte & Touché)

According to Reevoo, reviews produce an average 18% uplift in sales.
Site visitors who interact with both reviews and customer questions and answers are 105% more likely to purchase while visiting, and spend 11% more than visitors who don’t interact with UGC. (Bazaarvoice, Conversation Index, Q2 2011).

Online customer reviews

Online customer reviews validate a company’s claim and instill trust in prospective customers, hence, proving to be a great way for businesses to reach out to new customers and also retain old ones. A smart company can leverage customer reviews to boost online reputation. These days, a Google review can shape your business far more than a Google Ad. According to a Zendesk survey, 90% of participants claimed that positive online reviews influenced their buying decision, and 86% said their decision was influenced by negative reviews.

Ways to get positive customer reviews to boost business

positive customer reviews

Make it easy to leave reviews

Until one is dissatisfied with the product or services offered, one is not bothered about leaving reviews. There will always be a certain number of satisfied customers will take the time and make the effort to review your company on sites like MerchantCircle and Yelp, but instigating easy and convenient process would attract a larger percentage.

Zero-in on your Advocates

These are the folks who already love you. If you don’t know who they are, ask your email subscribers or those on your social media sites to give you a rating of your service or product performance. Those who give you the highest rating are your advocates. Ask the advocates if they wouldn’t mind sharing their experiences with others and provide them with review links to do so.

Spotlight the customer

Identify and highlight the customers who are satisfied and are willing to even offer positive feedback and also take time to refer the product or your service to other potential customers. It is always recommended to ask them if you can share their testimonials on your website and social media, and make the mention even more of an event by including a picture of the person with the testimonial.

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