Improving the Google Rank of Your Website

With nearly all the companies coming online for promotions and world-wide visibility, the online market saturation is turning out to be a real threat for online marketing. This is augmented with the paid listings of Google which is pushing down the organic search results further down the first page. Thus, it is becoming increasingly a herculean task to achieve online visibility without paying for it to Google. The trouble is that the Google algorithm by which it calculates the Google rank of each website changes nearly more than 500 times in a year. Let us look at some hacks to improve the Google ranking of your website.

Testimonials: Yes online is the next social platform of the people today and testimonials provide a social proof to your potential customers. A satisfied customer would be more than happy to provide you with his validation of your products and services. This can be a win-win scenario for both the company and the client. The client gets to voice his opinion and build a relationship with the company and the business gets a social substantiation of its products or services.

Difference between and Business owners many times do not realize that these are two separate pages for search engines and not one — it is like dividing your clients between two websites. This problem can be easily resolved with the use of a permanent redirect from one page to another. Also known as 301, it is like telling Google to count visits to one webpage with visits to the other page.

Charity donations: Corporate social responsibility is a mandate for businesses today and even if it is not, charity can earn you some real brownie pints even in the online world. Charities usually list their benefactors and donors on their website. So donate to a well known charity and a charity which can be associated with your business in a relevant manner. You can ask for the charity to list your business on their website and ask for a link back to the website of your business.

Locate references without links: You have to strategize your online presence and search for business pages that mention your website, or talk about your business or your industry. Try and feature in their website. But the idea is to create a Google Alert, so that anytime you are mentioned by anyone on the web, you can an alert and you can request for a link back to your website. Without a link back, it is waste for the Google search engine.

Keywords: Your website is as strong as your keyword fortress. You target the wrong keywords and you waste valuable resources like, time, money and manpower. You need to employ the services of professional internet marketing services, who can analyze the keywords for you and provide you with website and online content that could produce conversions and rake in that moolah. You have to have expert internet marketing services in London from strategists who know the correct use of high volume keywords, ranking keywords and such. They will assess and then build you material which can improve your Google rankings to provide your business with an edge over the hoard of similar businesses present online.