Don’t just publish content, publish content that helps people

Very nice thoughts shared in this post regarding why content marketing doesn’t work for many people and how it can be made to work. Instead of just publishing content, publish content that helps people. Publish content that solves problems.

Publishing lots of content (mostly to covered all possible keyword combinations) is quite tempting, especially when it is very easy to create/write content. It also gives you a false sense of security that yes, you are ranking well for the keywords and the search phrases that you have used in your blog post or webpage bring up your link on the first page of Google search.

But does all this content get you business? Or do more people subscribe to your mailing list? Is your content being shared on social networking websites? If not, most of your content writing and content publishing effort is going waste.

I wouldn’t deny, quantity is important, but in itself, writing and publishing lots of content in itself doesn’t help you much if most of the people who come to your website or blog aren’t sure exactly what you are trying to do and how you are trying to help them.

The writer of the above-linked post rightly says…

Stop creating content. Start creating help.

Write and publish content that helps your prospective customers and clients solve their problems.

For example, if you come to my content writing services website, what are you looking for? Obviously you are looking for — in most of the cases — a competent content writing service, but it isn’t just content writing you’re looking for. You have a business problem, you need that business problem solved. When you come to my website you may be having the following problems:

  • Your existing content isn’t engaging enough.
  • Your website isn’t converting.
  • You’re not getting enough search engine traffic.
  • Your content isn’t shared much on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • The open rate of your emails is dismal.
  • You are not getting new subscribers for your newsletter.

So, although you’re looking for a content writing service, basically, you want to solve these problems. Ultimately, you need a content writing service that gets you more business. This, I should be able to convey to you through my content.

What about writing and publishing content to cover all your search terms? There is no harm in that as long as you are publishing meaningful content. Even when you create lots of content you can create helpful content that helps your visitors.