How does content marketing improve your SEO?

Although content marketing and SEO can exist separately, there is an existential relationship between them. A well thought out content marketing definitely improves your SEO because by the end of the day, all the ingredients of a well executed content marketing strategy are also more or less the ingredients of good SEO.

After all, what do you do when you do content marketing?

In content marketing you

  • Publish quality content on a consistent basis.
  • You disseminate your quality content using all the social networking channels available to you.
  • You publish content on the social networking channels and other websites to make it easier for people to come across your business name, your own name and your brand.
  • You draw people to your website by continuously publishing helpful, relevant and compelling content, instead of throwing at them out-of-context advertisements.

What do you do when you are doing SEO?

  • First of all you create a website structure that makes it easier for the search engine crawlers to find your content, crawl your content, index your content, and finally, rank your content, preferably higher, for your desired keywords.
  • You do keyword research so that you can create content around the keywords and search terms your customers and clients use in order to be able to find your website or blog.
  • You create a well-organized link structure so that once the search engine crawlers start scrolling your website it can find all the relevant links.
  • Use the right anchor text in the hyperlinks.
  • You try to keep your source code as clean as possible.
  • You encourage high authority websites and blogs to link back to your content.

This is why content marketing and SEO are interrelated

Most of the activities you indulge in while carrying out your content marketing strategy are beneficial for your SEO.

I have explained this relationship in detail in my latest blog post titled Can content marketing improve your SEO?

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