Introducing CreditChek PDF Parser V1.0

Since we went live in June, we have been working hard to ensure that we continuously improve our services to meet the needs of our customers.

Last week we announced a price reduction by 60% on a number of Identity services and today we are proud to announce the introduction of “CreditChek PDF Parser V1.0”

Why Creditchek PDF parser?

Your company’s credit assessment workflows can be greatly improved by parsing PDF bank statements of your customers when assessing their income.

Creditchek Pdf parser utilizes AI & ML automation capabilities to significantly reduce inefficiencies and further streamline your credit assessment processes.

How businesses are using Creditchek Pdf Parser?

First, you need an active and verified creditchek account. Go through compliance and get your business account approved.

Next, you navigate to income insight. However, a seamless approach would be to leverage the income insight API. Please reach out to for further assistance.

Click here to Sign Up Or Login into your account to take advantage of this wonderful feature now.

For help with using the CreditChek platform please email with any questions.



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