7 Things I Learned From Falling Flat on My Face (Literally)
Mandela SH Dixon

Mandela, I am so sorry. That must hurt so much, in so many ways.

I have some empathy. I’ve never had beautiful teeth, but my smile has always been something people noticed and liked.

The last couple years, my smile has eroded from decay. It was a small hole years ago. But fighting for education transformation does not come — in my case — with a dental plan. Nor wages, for that matter.

The small hole up front is now a blackened tooth-sized cavern.

My molars are even more of a…well vacuum. With regular occurrences of aching. I think it extends to my jaw.

So, I avoid some foods (hard pretzels..) gum some, and pray no more teeth crack before the fates change.

And, offer a half-smile to hide that tooth.

They said education transformation would be hard. Real hard. I never imagined it would mean bodily decay and perhaps worse.

Bless you in your healing, and in the various journeys ahead.