Guide to Earn 200% Staking Bonus with CREDIT Coin

Cameron Kallhoff
Nov 16, 2019 · 3 min read

Credit coin is a project created and managed by the Terra Foundation located in South Africa. It is regarded as the top cryptocurrency project to come out of Africa, which is the number one growing continent in the world for the industry. Terra Foundation has created many working features which focus on the development of these nations. They have created a mobile payment application, online shopping store, cryptocurrency exchange, desktop wallets, and their newest feature, MiniPOS. All these features require use of Credit, which is the driving force behind the demand of the coin. MiniPOS is a feature on TerraceX, which is the cryptocurrency exchange that the Credit team has built. MiniPOS is a simple feature where you just hold your Credit coins in the wallet and in return you get bonuses. Currently, users can gain 200% staking bonus annually between November 16th and November 23rd in celebration of their one year anniversary. Normal annual staking reward are 100%. Below you can find a detailed guide on how to buy Credit and how to begin staking it to get profits.

Step 1 — Buy Credit from Exchange

Credit is currently trading at many exchanges, but we recommend that you buy from one of the following exchange, Catex Exchange or Bitforex. They are the most reputable exchanges on our list.

Note: Make sure to buy in the Ethereum markets or the USDT market. Credit price is below 1 Satoshi, so buying at BTC market will be a disadvantage.

Step 2 — Send Credit to TerraceX

Once you have purchased Credit, you must send your coins to TerraceX. You can register a free account with this referral link, .

Note: To register, you must have used a referral link or code; 396YFE3ULx

After you have signed up and confirmed your email address, find the wallet page and search for Credit. Once you find it, generate a deposit address. After you copy and paste the Credit deposit address, go back to Catex or Bitforex and withdraw your Credit to that deposit address generated at TerraceX.

Step 3 — Transfer Credit to MiniPOS

Now that your Credit has been deposited onto TerraceX, you must go back to your wallet page and search for Credit. On the right side there will be a red settings button. When you click it, scroll down to transfer. From there you can enter how many Credit you would like to transfer to MiniPOS. We recommend that you send all of your balance to maximize your profits.

Note: The transfer is not instant. On the top of each hour the transfer will be completed along with the hourly staking rewards.

Step 4 — Sit Back and Collect Major Staking Rewards

The MiniPOS feature is automatic once you have completed all of the steps above. Each hour, Credit staking rewards will continuously be deposited into your TerraceX account.

Credit by Terra Foundation is in a class of its own. No other staking project can compare with the 100–200% annual staking bonus. Since launching the project, the demand has been organic and off the charts. The price has already risen significantly. If you are looking for the best possible to make passive income, staking Credit is the best opportunity that you will come across.

Other Thoughts

TerraceX exchange has many features for their users

  • 0.01% trading fees
  • 100% referral bonus on all trade fees
  • 100% per year MiniPOS staking rewards
  • 5 level MiniPOS referral bonus

The 5 level referral system is something unique for staking projects

1st referral level gives 5% additional staking bonus

2nd referral level gives 3% additional staking bonus

3rd referral level gives 2% additional staking bonus

4th referral level gives 1% additional staking bonus

5th referral level gives 0.1% additional staking bonus

Cameron Kallhoff

Written by

COO of Catex Exchange and avid investor of CREDIT

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