The two entities signed a cooperation agreement on Saturday, May 5.

CREDITS partners with Almora, a crypto investment bank from India.

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May 7, 2018 · 2 min read

Almora is involved in various fields of business, ranging from advisory work on blockchain product generation, to smart contracts, to digital asset management, to investor search and exchange placements. The bank was founded by young entrepreneurs — crypto enthusiasts from India. The most recent achievements of our new partners include the recognition of Almora as the Best Cryptocurrency Investment Bank at the Crypto Con 2018 which took place in Mumbai in March 2018.

Despite the contradictory attitudes of the Indian government and banking regulator, the country’s cryptocurrency market is on the rise, with the current daily sales standing at roughly USD $75 million.

The median age of India’s population is 27. It ranks among the top five countries worldwide in the active use of social media and mobile devices. Growing data volumes created all preconditions for the growth in the blockchain-based data protection market.

Igor Chugunov, CEO & Founder at CREDITS

“For this and many other reasons, we regard India as market with a huge potential. Partnership with Almora will help CREDITS enter the market and establish firm positions,” Igor Chugunov, CEO & Founder at CREDITS, says.

Vajahaath Hussain, CEO of Almora

“As our core vision of catalyzing Blockchain we have partnered with CREDITS. We are also exploring to build some huge scalable products on top of the platform,” tells Vajahaath Hussain, CEO of Almora.

Varun Satyam, CBO of Almora

“The nature of our cooperation is to help promote adoption of CREDITS blockchain platform and support in scaling it. In addition, we will be supporting CREDITS with government partnerships in India,” shared Varun Satyam, CBO of Almora.

Credits Blockchain

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CREDITS is an open blockchain platform with smart contracts and an internal cryptocurrency. #blockchain #fintech

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