Developer’s Journal #6

It has been a very eventful week. Most importantly, our team has launched a pre-beta version of the CREDITS platform. For details, see our article here.
“I’d like to thank the entire community for testing and developing our software product together,” says Eugeniy Butyaev, CTO & Co-Founder at CREDITS. “We’ve finalized our support portal. We’ve fixed the key bugs in the pre-beta version. We’ve scrutinized the core. Here’s the list of completed actions: fixing balance checks, pinging a compute node plus removing it from the list in the case of an error, automatic reconnect and registering the node in the network.”

We keep on optimizing the Wallet. Whenever a wallet is created, keys are now saved into a file. The latter can be used to access a wallet.

There have been a few desktop innovations as well. We’ve switched algorithms. The new algorithms are blake2s for generating identifiable transaction details and ed25519 for user key generation purposes. Newly added options include checking the validity of an address during the transaction. Moreover, some visual modifications have been made to GUI.

The smart contracts module has been streamlined significantly. The adjusted list of applicable methods is now in place. We have fixed the bugs. Performance has been improved, too. Furthermore, outbound transactions are now signed with a digital signature. A fee is charged for these transactions.

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