Dear CREDITS community,
We are excited to announce our first contest! You have a great opportunity to demonstrate your creative skills and the way you see the project. Our goal is to increase the awareness and understanding of CREDITS platform, its functionality, capabilities and technical basis among potential investors and other people from crypto world. We want to join forces with you — our community — to develop infographics that would combine the power of visual communication with the information about the project and our vision.

Some of the topics that we suggest:
1) Basic technical data (white paper/ technical paper)
2) Use case illustration
3) The most important elements (speed, security, platform components, etc.)
4) Reasons why CREDITS will change the world
5) Why and how can CREDITS platform become popular?

You are still welcome to deliberate on any topic you like

Assessment criteria:
• Accurate and catchy information
• Creativity
• Attractive design
• Number of reposts and likes in social networks
How will the winners be selected:
The CREDITS team will choose 8 finalists in accordance with the judging criteria and community will vote on the final ranking.

Deadline for submissions: 21.06.2018, 15:00 GMT

1) Send us your ideas on Twitter. Tag @creditscom and include $CS and #CREDITScontest in your tweet. Please attach your infographics as a picture.
2) Use this link to register:

3) Stay focused on our product, team and opportunities to change the world. The price and its forecast are not the best topics to choose. They will lead to disqualification.

1. 2000 CREDITS (CS) tokens 
2. 1000 CREDITS (CS) tokens 
3. 500 CREDITS (CS) tokens 
4–8) 250 CREDITS (CS) tokens


Those with creativity and ambition, those who want to contribute to the project will be rewarded!