Why will CREDITS become cryptocurrency №1?

The CREDITS (CS) platform cryptocurrency has been trading on the exchanges since March, 2. In its first few days it has firmly established itself, and begun a steady growth trend. The total trade turnover has now reached more than 5 million dollars a day. Traders agree on one point: new tokens don’t usually start so strongly and confidently.

The week before listing our office worked deep into the night. The tension grew. And finally the x-hour came. To start we chose small decentralized exchanges: Tidex, IDEX and Ether Delta.

“Our team is acting strictly in line with the developed long-term strategy for listing,” said Dmitry Sheludko, Head of Investor Relations at CREDITS. “Thus we will constantly enter new exchanges, while raising the bar. Right now we are negotiating with the well-known independent sites. The ultimate goal is: CREDITS can be bought as easily on small local exchanges as on large global markets.”

Because of high demand for CS tokens during the ICO and pre-ICO periods, not all keen investors could make a purchase, and the stock exchange began at a minimal and affordable price. On IDEX it started with 0.00042 eth for 1 CS. On Tidex — from 0.00020 eth for 1 CS. As soon as the tokens were unfrozen, some investors immediately dropped some of the coins on the exchange. They made a profit in relation to the price of ICO, and a predicted decrease of the value of the token occurred. The drawdown, however, was barely perceptible, and the price did not fall below the ICO price. This fact shows that users and serious investors are really very interested.

Trading is now proceeding in a measured way. There is a consistent upward trend taking into account some fluctuations. At Tidex CREDITS reached peak at 0.00084997 eth., a 324.985% increase to the price of the token at ICO. At IDEX, the peak was 0.0007899, which was 294.995% growth. Later, the price adjusted to 0.00061999 eth. Currently the trading volume has reached approximately 4500 ETH on IDEX and 1200 ETH on Tidex. And in total, it has already exceeded $5 million per day. Additionally, it is important to notice that CS showed this growth during a neutral or downward market situation.

How can people use the CREDITS cryptocurrency and what is its secret? Igor Chugunov, the project’s founder, thinks that:

- Any company will be able to develop its own smart contract on our platform and program its cycles and schedules. All payments inside this smart contract will be made in CS. Our platform can be used in logistics, banking, IOT, insurance, casinos and many other industries.

In the opinion of experts and traders, CREDITS shows all the hallmarks of a future market leader: the unlimited scalability of the network, the fast transactions up to 1 000 000 per second, the variety of use cases.

In the IDEX and Tidex chat rooms, CS discussions have become popular since the first day of listing on March, 2.