Centrism is Dead. Time to Rebuild the Left.
Tyler Norris

I am and will try to remain a centrist. After leaving evangelical fundamentlism I worry about becoming an anti-extreamist extremist. I learned my lesson and try to combat fundamentlism and extremism where ever it might be. Seeing the left collapse with a Hillery loss and the alt-right crazy with sudden political amnesia of the last Eight years neither side is in any shape to make the changes called for. With the left nail biting and the right enjoying their take over of the asylum, it may take the level headed progressive centrist to review the political medical chart and give the country a beneficial shot in the arm. As a centrist I often worry about what I might attract. I still look back with pride as not to long ago we had a Constitutional law professor for a president. Don’t become what you hate, and think through all the knee-jerk reactions. Maybe that sky you thought falling was only an acorn. Maybe it was not. Maybe be sure what just dropped on your head before you tell Ducky Wucky.