The original commenter did say “nice article”.
Dyson Lu

You are arguing semantics over the use of the word “engineer”. I completely understand your stance on the definition of that word, and the use of the title “software engineer”. I know that it’s a title that many consider overused, and some countries even regulate. But there is a dispute around that title, and until some national standard is set it is acceptable to use “software engineer” and “software developer” synonymously. It’s worth pointing out that one of the first software jobs available to many junior developers is “SDET”.

Again, everybody is entitled to their opinions. I am not saying it’s wrong of you to dispute the correct definition of the title “software engineer”, but I just don’t see why you would choose to do that as a reply to an article written by somebody just trying to talk about her journey. Why not write your own, unrelated article on your stance on “engineer” vs “developer”, and let people debate there?

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