Fix reddit with bitcoin.
Ryan X. Charles

i think it would be easier to build a reddit/communication protocol on-top of the btc block chain through OP_RETURN, than to go down the running app route + strange cryptocurrency schemes.

you build a protocol on top of the btc blockchain, btc nodes are your backbone. you’re actually paying transaction fees to post/comment (cent per 40 bytes), this cuts down spammers and allows people to track down state actors or funded manipulation on large scales.

all the data is open, immutable, and lasting.

anyone can build a frontend for the data. http frontend, rss frontend, gopher frontend, whatever frontend. anyone can curate the “experience.” but no one can manipulate the data. once it’s out on the network and confirmed, it’s staying with us until btc disappears.

no censorship allowed. you can moderate the information/subreddits/groupings/bbs/whatever from the frontend used to access the data.

people will build the “ALL” frontend, the “Coke-Please-Advertise-Here” frontend, the “Only-Christians” frontend, the “No-Vulgarity-for-the-Children” frontend, the “No SPAM” frontend, the “Open Source and no Ads” frontend, etc.

different posts on different frontends might have completely different looking comments. for example, on the “ALL” frontend you’ll be able to see every comment that has been written to the btc blockchain for a particular post, but on the “No Spam” frontend all the viagra spam comments will be removed.

there is value businesses can bring to the experience.

lots of good things. the idea is simple, work through it and you’ll see the myriad of opportunities and problems-that-are-fixed that this type of protocol can provide. this could end up being a huge revenue stream for btc, or whatever blockchain. it also comes built in with the economic incentives (transaction fees) to increase node and mining capacity.

random thoughts:

  • to get your comments pushed out faster to the network, you just need to increase your transaction fee to make it tastier for miners.
  • no censorship
  • no single owner of the data
  • no state intervention possible
  • no revisionism
  • distributed
  • decentralized
  • economic incentives
  • “upvotes” are like “tips” that can be paid into posts or comments. karma is actually money now!
  • downvotes are handled on the frontend level.
  • you basically need a starting transaction block for users — i.e. create a mapping from btc adddress to user name — and a starting transaction block for subreddits/groupings (mapping from tx_id to subreddit/grouping name)
  • posts are written to subreddit/groups transaction blocks. comments are written to posts’ transaction blocks.
  • fairly certain all data can be kept on the blockchain. haven’t gone indepth to design the protocol. seems pretty straight forward.
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