Flash #358: Centrism

Before I enter the foyer, I notice a disabled gentleman wheeling towards me, and I stand aside to allow him out. He tips his hat for my courtesy; I tip mine. A second gentlemen approaches shortly afterwards, obviously hoping to take advantage of my chivalry. I step towards him and thrust my elbow powerfully into his nose. He staggers away, clutching his bloody face.

As the buddha said: balance in all things.

I stride through the foyer and step into the lift. I walk over to the panel, and press the button for the top floor. I ascend.

Dan and Douglas get in on the second floor. Dan asks me to press Floor 6 for him. Doug asks me to press Floor 10. I smile at them both, and press Floor 8.

My first client today is in a neck brace after a driving accident. Turns out it was his fault, but I don’t blame him. As a wise man once said: dangerous driving kills thousands of people a year, but it also helps thousands of people get to work on time. You have to look at both sides of the argument. I know this.

Then I go for lunch. I can’t decide between the soup and the steak. In the end I compromise: ordered the steak, then poured my drink all over it. The best of both worlds. Delicious.

I gaze over the city skyline, enjoying the sensation of my sopping steak soaking through my trousers as it dribbled off the table. Deep in my heart, I knew society must progress, while staying exactly the same. Only this way can we improve.