Uh Oh! I Got Started!

Poems and Drummers

“Don’t get me started!”. I, along with many others, have used this expression when a topic of interest peaked internal emotions. Don’t know how long I’ve been in neutral, but somebody GOT ME STARTED!

Sunday — February 17, 2019. Just because someone wrote a poem in which the words God, Jesus and/or Holy Spirit appear does not mean that poem will make a great song for church. Just like I’m not a fan of some “old church hymns” sung at a tortuously slow pace, I am not a fan of the wave…

Peace & Harmony

52 posts in 26 days.

January 1, 2018, I made my usual New Year’s “resolutions” which, in my case are more goals I hope to achieve than “things to do”. For example I said I wanted to write at least a small “story” or article a week. Fifty-two articles in 2018. I wrote a few and I could go back and count them and then go for the difference, but I decided to make it 2 a day for 26 days. I have a page of notes, well not so much notes as “random thoughts” regarding a subject about which…

Chapter 1

Purple Cowboy sat down at the small rectangular table by a window in his cabin kitchen and listened as rain crinkled leaves and thunder rumbled in harmony. It was July and even in the mountains it had been a hot, dry couple of weeks. PC had a serious look on his face — almost sad, I thought. I didn’t say anything. Just started eating a slab of baked salmon PC placed in front of me on a small plate at the opposite end of his table. I ate quietly — except for what I considered to be extra…

USA Today Money Section, Thursday, June 8, 2017: HOW BUYING LUNCH CAN SET YOU BACK $90,000, by Adam Shell (@adamshell). Those that like to read about how money compounds and how if you saved a penny the first day and doubled your savings each day for one month you would have almost $11 MILLION at the end of that month. It is also for people that like to feel guilty about spending money on “pleasures”. So you spend $11 twice a week for LUNCH? How could you? Don’t you know that if you saved that money you could have $90,000…

Purple Cowboy and Skipper

It was a beautiful spring Sunday morning at the Quarter Diamond Ranch. I walked out on the North facing gallery and saw Purple Cowboy on the East end looking toward a beautiful sunrise that was backlighting three grazing horses framed by two tall purple flowered Clematis.. I heard faint music fading from somewhere, I didn’t see any speakers. I noticed something on PC’s left cheek. A lone tear rolled gently down his tanned face.

I didn’t know if I should turn around and go back inside or interrupt his reverie. As usual he knew I was…

Picture on pinterest by eldo Grizeldo — vintagechevytrucks.com for more information

Purple Cowboy stopped by the cabin and told me this story

Purple Cowboy and a 49 Chevy

I was about 15 and helping my Uncle in Mississippi with his store on the corner of two gravel roads. The old, gray cypress sided store was the only place for 30 miles where locals could stock up on flour, sugar and other staples. There were two gas pumps out front, one with regular and the other “ethyl”. Just past the left front corner was a 55 gallon barrel of kerosene with a hand pump and hose. The ground around that barrel was…

Is a hat JUST a hat?

Purple Cowboy stopped by the cabin last night. It was late and he had a tired smile on his face. His old cowboy hat looked comfortable on his head and his eyes twinkled from under its brim. We sat on the front porch without saying anything for a while. A wind chime dinged a peaceful rhythm as a light western wind passed over Cabin Hill on its way to the Atlantic Ocean.

PC took that battered, stained Stetson off and sat it on the porch railing, right side up. …

The Meeting

I am on Holiday in a quiet European coastal town. It’s a beautiful, warm day so I put on hiking shorts a purple t-shirt and flip flops and walk down to the shore. I look out at a beautiful white sand beach. Clear, blue-green water rhythmically massages the sand with a soothing whoosh as the sky takes a deep breath and exhales. It is virtually deserted.

My eye notices a beautiful, lithesome brunette, walking along the shoreline to my right. She will pass in front of me, and, if I time it right I can “accidently” walk into…

Stick and Stones can break bones and Words can break a life
Part 4 (Surgery broke my life — twice)

Can words spoken to a “pre-aware” child “break its life? Our life can break good or bad. Broken dreams, broken promises and perhaps one of the most difficult to mend, a broken heart. On the other end of that “see-saw” we “catch a break” and get a job we wanted or an entertainer gets a big “break” into show business, or the best one yet — “Break Fast”. In Part 1 I wrote about being “life-or-death” afraid of an Atomic…

Stick and Stones can break bones and Words can break a life

Sticks and Stones (Part 3)

We all know the saying from which this title was “paraphrased”. We know that it ends “Words can never hurt you” Some that have been subjected to mean spirited vocal abuse might argue the veracity of that quote. In Part 1 I wrote about being “life-or-death” afraid of an Atomic Bomb and Cancer. In Part 2 I exposed my “irrational” fear of Sirens and my July 1961 emergency appendectomy. Here in Part 3 a former “monster” becomes a “beautiful friend”.

As I walked…

C. Reid McLellan

Learned from horses & people. Now teach horses & people. As a boy wiggled my fingers to stories in my brain. Not insane, but a creative outlet. Now, I write

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