$90,000 or DEATH?

C. Reid McLellan
Jun 9, 2017 · 2 min read

USA Today Money Section, Thursday, June 8, 2017: HOW BUYING LUNCH CAN SET YOU BACK $90,000, by Adam Shell (@adamshell). Those that like to read about how money compounds and how if you saved a penny the first day and doubled your savings each day for one month you would have almost $11 MILLION at the end of that month. It is also for people that like to feel guilty about spending money on “pleasures”. So you spend $11 twice a week for LUNCH? How could you? Don’t you know that if you saved that money you could have $90,000 (well you have to wait 30 years, but you would have $90,000 that would probably be worth at least $30,000 in today’s dollars — oh but that involves even more math!) Here is what could also happen. You stay home (or bring your lunch from home) at lunch time. You watch as your cheerful workmates head off to a fun lunch of pizza and soda (working today, remember — no beer). You start to feel deprived. Next you feel depressed. Next you feel suicidal — and no, I won’t go to the next step. But you wind up spending $40 a week for your twice monthly visits to a shrink — and instead of having $90,000 at the end of thirty years, you have spent $60,000 on doctors, or other things to help you feel better. For goodness sakes, go each lunch — hell, spend $20 and get the sirloin and shrimp once a month. That’s a LOT cheaper way to offset depression than sitting in your one light bulb kitchen counting how much money you are saving and how much your kids will have to spend 30 years from now because you could just as easily be under 24 hour surveillance or not even on this earth.

C. Reid McLellan

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Learned from horses & people. Now teach horses & people. As a boy wiggled my fingers to stories in my brain. Not insane, but a creative outlet. Now, I write

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