I “Got Started”

C. Reid McLellan
Feb 18, 2019 · 2 min read

Uh Oh! I Got Started!

Poems and Drummers

“Don’t get me started!”. I, along with many others, have used this expression when a topic of interest peaked internal emotions. Don’t know how long I’ve been in neutral, but somebody GOT ME STARTED!

Sunday — February 17, 2019. Just because someone wrote a poem in which the words God, Jesus and/or Holy Spirit appear does not mean that poem will make a great song for church. Just like I’m not a fan of some “old church hymns” sung at a tortuously slow pace, I am not a fan of the wave of “modern hymns”. Most are sung in a droning 3 chord range with words that don’t match the music. Taking from “modern music” these songs also seem to specialize in repeating the same phrase over and over and over AND OVER!!

Secondly, if I had been raised on an isolated island, and my first contact with today’s Baptist church service was a TV ministry like the one that I “attend” (and enjoy for the most part) every Sunday when home in Kentucky, I would figure that this Jesus of which they sing and preach must have been a drummer with a full set of snares, cymbals and basses that ministered with a blue light surrounding Him. I am ok with churches providing a more “entertaining” service, but I prefer the entertainment coming from true feeling and emotion (watch George Younce sing “I Know How Holds Tomorrow”) rather than “look at me” performances. I am ok with drums, guitars and even full orchestras adding to the musical worship (and enjoyment). I prefer they be accompaniment and not “star” of the show.

I recognize that I am officially an “old fogey”. I like southern gospel music. Always have. However, just because a song is southern gospel, whether music is provided by a piano or a full orchestra, doesn’t mean I get a message from that song. I like some old hymns. I cringe when a “favorite” is sung at a tempo that sounds like those singing would rather be doing anything else. I accept that different people like different types of songs, whether gospel or another genre. I listen for a message from God in lyrics of any song sung at church. Sometimes I get the message the first three or four times and am desensitized by the 20th rendition. Furthermore, if I can’t hear the words because of the accompanying music……………

I told y’all, “Don’t get me Started”!! Not sure I’ll be able to put this buggy back in the barn!

C. Reid McLellan

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