Building a startup platform to support 100 cities with 1 Million Cups

Crema collaborated with the Kauffman Foundation to build a modern platform to support startup community builders, education of entrepreneurs, and ongoing research on early-stage ventures.

A bit of background

1 Million Cups is a weekly educational program designed to engage, educate, and accelerate communities of entrepreneurs across the United States. Developed in 2012 by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, the program quickly found traction as a resource for entrepreneurs to connect. one cup at a time. The program features weekly presentations from early-stage entrepreneurs.

Since its founding, 1 Million Cups has expanded to over 80+ cities nationwide in a volunteer-led franchise model, garnering interest from The New York Times, Fast Company, and The Wall Street Journal. Crema is proud to work with the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation to build a platform that will continue the success and growth of 1 Million Cups.

A platform built to scale

1 Million Cups needed a scaleable platform to support and sustain its rapid growth. Built on Angular and Ruby on Rails, Crema created a platform that allows for sustainable growth and efficient iteration based on users’ needs while making it simple to manage the entire program at a corporate level. Now the program has a flexible foundation on which to grow.

Four roles

We built a platform that allows all stakeholders in every community to engage in one place. Whether you are an administrator, community organizer, potential presenter or alumni, or just an interested attendee, everyone can have an account with all of its relevant capabilities.

Simplified scheduling

1 Million Cups showcases local entrepreneurs every week. That means that presenters must apply, be approved, and then scheduled to present prior to each event. Scheduling was one of the most acute pain points for organizers and presenters.

Our platform streamlines the process of applying to present, reviewing applications, and scheduling presenters. Through a drag-and-drop interface, organizers can schedule presentations weeks in advance. Presenters are automatically notified of their potential dates and events are automatically posted to the website once accepted.

Easy communication.

The chat feature in the platform creates a space for organizers to discuss their thoughts on the applications received and other topics. Organizers can also engage with applicants to make better informed decisions, all inside their dashboard.

Explore Presentations.

Every Wednesday at 9 a.m., in cities across the nation, hundreds of entrepreneurs present their startup ideas to their 1 Million Cups community. They can receive feedback and build the network they need to find success. If you missed the event, we make it easy to look through presentations and watch what you missed.

See 1 Million Cups live

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