HipHire: Shifting Job Listing Services from Quantity to Quality


Misaligned outcomes

Traditional job listing services are misaligned with the needs of both candidates and employers. Primarily, they focus on: 
 1. Full time job opportunities. 
 2. Quantity over quality of opportunities and candidates. 
 3. Inefficient and inconvenient pricing models. 
HipHire worked with Crema to solve this problem by delivering an innovative, criteria based matching service for part time employers and candidates.


1. No full time jobs allowed

Competing job listing services tend to focus on full time opportunities making it difficult to cut through the noise. HipHire eliminates this barrier by simply focusing on part time jobs.

Because HipHire would be a unique product with little market validation, and a customer base of zero, Crema honed in on creating a guided experience that felt natural. This resulted in customers quickly finding quality matches.

2. Criteria matching

When it comes to part time and seasonal jobs, resumes aren’t always an indicator of compatibility. Yet, resumes are where traditional job services place emphasis.

By focusing on seven common criteria, Crema implemented an algorithm to match candidates and employers uniquely suited to each other. Matching against this criteria means the candidate is likely to stay in the job longer. Additionally, this makes the hiring manager’s job significantly easier.

3. Performance pricing

The traditional method of posting jobs, and collecting resumes costs an employer a significant amount of money. We won’t say who, but careerbuilder.com charges over $400 to post a job. Insane.

Crema created a friendlier, more efficient revenue strategy for HipHire. By setting matches at three different levels, Best, Good, & Fair, an employer might pay as little as $22 for three highly compatible candidates. Three candidates, we might add, that the hiring manager did not have to find. HipHire does all the legwork.

Bottom line, delighted customers

HipHire delights customers by focusing on the needs of the customer. As a result, HipHire also achieves profitability. The desired outcome for employers is an candidate that closely fits their criteria. The employee’s desired outcome is a job aligned with their own criteria.

By providing matches at a manageable price point to employers, and for free to candidates, HipHire delivers a hat trick: 2 happy customers, 1 profitable bottom line.

Crema went beyond the code. They understood my vision and cared about the outcome. They were able to peel away layers of the raw idea to reach the core solution. Spend five minutes with these guys and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Brian Kearns, Founder of HipHire

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Originally published at www.crema.us.

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