Following the results of the semi-finals of the Global Legal Hackathon, the law firm of S. P. A. Ajibade & Co., organisers of the first-ever legal hackathon in Nigeria, Tuesday, March 20th, 2018, announced that Nigeria’s ‘Team Lemon’ hasbeen selected asone of 14 finalists and only team from Africa to proceed to the final round of the competition in New York.

The Team’s winning project, ‘LemonAid’ aims to electronically facilitate access to criminal justice by decreasing the turnaround time for delivery of Pro-bono legal services. …

Businesses today must understand the power and potential of applied technology and digital solutions with the insight of how it empowers and tranforms brands from niche players to mainstream solution providers. None of it is rocket science however in this regard; ignorance is not bliss.

Digital Transformation is no new term; applied computing and technology have transformed the way we do everything; share information, receive information, learn, teach, sell, communicate, market, shop, travel, pay bills etc the list is endless.

Digital Technology possesses almost infinite potential and presents incredible opportunity to optimize simple everyday operations in ways that save time…

Setting up a Facebook Business page opens up a myriad of opportunity for brands and SMEs. If you understand clearly the value of the facility the Facebook for Business tools offer and you have clearly defined goals and know what you plan to achieve you can start to record results from Day One.

A properly run Facebook Business page provides a platform for valuable interaction between brands and their leads and prospects; beyond that it becomes a listening tool, a PR tool and CRM tool all in one as it can save and will save you time and resources in…

What are your thoughts on the evolving technology in our time?

We are of the opinion that a lot is changing and technology has transformed the way we think, talk, research, buy, build and run brands and businesses.

At CTL we believe in building agile brands, brands that are flexible and teachable; brands that adapt quickly to change and customers feedback. The trends unfolding in our ecosystem make it ever so clear that that future of businesses is hinged on their willingness to change and adapt as trends unfold.

Our recommendation is that any brand desiring to stay significant will…

Stale Content for Today #ThePowerOfCurating

It is not frustrating to create content and I’ll tell you why I say so. If you are actively involved in the work you do, you are exposed to light and knowledge in every moment. The lessons you pick-up and the methods you refine to achieve results become the basis for the content you create.

With your content, you are painting a picture, educating a willing mind, and most of all enlightening an audience. Once you understand the value of what you know and are willing to share it; you have struck dynamite.

Content has…

This is fresh revelation for me; don’t wait to have a perfect video before you put out visual content for your brand!

The average person in the world today has become a movie producer with a smart phone in hand and a cool context in mind. As proof of this; the world over we are celebrating overnight social celebrities who create their own brand of magic using SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, Vine and YouTube.

I tell you the truth, in this age; a good number of the mega millionaires under 25 these days are not oil magnates, or accounting gurus. …

Digital Strategy in this Digital Age

The influence of social media on our social economy has become undeniable. But are we aware of how much of an influence it’s having? Careful Social Listening can give a lot of insights to what these influences are and how they affect the work we do.

You may be surprised to note that major brands are altering their business approach and sales models to suit the trends that customers define every single day via social interactions. …

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