illustration by Monte Ritz

Since when did we forget to listen? Never.
Since when did we forge to learn? Never.
Since when did we forget to want? Never.
Since when did we forget to live? Never.
Since when did we forget that our voice would rise up, take reign, and create a beautiful world? Never.

Let. Us. Organize.

Illustration by Monte Ritz

While I’d love to think that Bernie’s campaign is disrupting corporate influence in the political process, let me remind you that he’s not favored to win another upcoming primary, save Vermont. What began as a flaming beacon of hope for independents and progressives will soon simmer into a bad case of #HeartBern because, well, America just can’t digest him.

The real race to watch is the one with best chance of extravagant political theater, which is of course, the upcoming Hillary/Trump media epoch. How will Independents (43% according to Gallup) and additional disenfranchised citizens respond to being eclipsed by presidential politics once again? I don’t know, but buckle up boys and girls, things are just getting started.

Monte Ritz is an editorial illustrator in NYC. His dream is to illustrate kick-ass Medium articles. See more at or email

Illustration by Monte Ritz

If you’re like me you have a number of political points of view running through your feed with some praises to God for the rise of Cruz and Rubio early this primary season. Add this to the supersonic surge in church attendance, faith-based organizations, and Christian educational institutions in the United States over the last 50 years, and the impact of Jesus Christ, Esq. is running red hot.

Yet while Christians are standing up, I’ve found that many of my secular compatriots are still sitting down. Don’t get me wrong, there are influential communities doing great work in civil liberties…

Monte Ritz

illustrator and raconteur

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