Aromatherapy Improves Sleep Quality

A long night of deep sleep is essential to functioning at an optimal level and allows you to feel energetic during the day. Many people struggle with this, whether they have sleep disorders, or a busy life in which they receive little sleep, or have trouble falling asleep. In fact, the Center for Disease Control reports an estimated 50–70 million US adults suffer a sleep disorder. So how do we avoid this problem and sleep better? While many techniques are utilized, including a sleep schedule or warm light, perhaps the most unique is that of aromatherapy. Certain scents, specifically lavender, incite a feeling of drowsiness and can promote one to fall asleep. A study at Wesleyan University tested the impact of lavender on 31 healthy sleepers. They report that lavender increased the percentage of deep sleep. It also leads to higher vigor in the morning, as a result of the deep sleep. Aromatherapy is used in many houses by means of diffusers, and even used in medical offices and hotels. It is a highly under used technique for improving sleep, one that stimulates your senses and leaves you feeling great.