don’t stop

it was a good week. hit some new traction.

got some nice momentum going this week.

but it only happened bc I didn’t let up at all. Not only did I not let up, but I doubled down on some strategy that’s working. Push baby, push. I was probably on 35 sales calls this week. No lie.

so you know I do multiple things right? It’s just a matter of focusing in, being patient and seeing what takes off when and at what speed.

constantly adjusting. Tweaking. Changing my mind.

I’m in the digital marketing space and run a sales team for a large manufacturing company. Belly to belly using modern media as a gateway.

anywho, solid week. Busy weekend with work ahead then heading to Salt Lick on Wednesday for a conference. Go Utes.

side note: Are there real Yeti’s out there? Asking for a friend.

This is just the documentation of the journey