Hipster Soup

Hipster Soup: (n.) a collection or gathering of peak dopeness. 
May or may not be actual soup.

Look here’s the gist of this post. I’m exploring new areas of curiosity in my mind; talents and ideas that I have housed for years, only letting little pieces peek out from behind the wall we start building as kids and young adults.

When you’re in the middle of major disruption in your life, I’m feeling that it’s important to stay grounded in your truths but be willing to flip the script on its head and just do things differently. Well that time is upon us and you’re going to watch this unfold with me. Nervous? Yea me neither…jk

This collection of dopeness is not about me per say. It’s about what I’m creating: The bringing together of beautiful minds to collaborate internally on the creative around brands and how these brands are viewed.

Here’s where things can get tricky. A game plan is in order. A vision of what you see the company doing and how you see it growing is necessary so you don’t just float at sea. Define your goals. Create an order of execution — a roadmap. Without letting this become a paralysis or an excuse to never get started, these things must be laid out or you’re doomed. 
Trust me on this, I speak from personal experience. Now go execute.

“Tune in next time kids as we make Hipster Soup live here on the set.”