I’m Not Here For Your Entertainment


I’m not hear to humor you.

My job isn’t to entertain you with this.

This is just the documentation of the journey

Somedays I feel this uneasy pressure to think of something profound, deep or witty to talk to you about. But the truth of the matter is, sometimes I’m mentally and emotionally spent and can’t begin to fathom pulling a lesson or truth from the day to share with you. Somedays I am just happy I made it through another day.

Since this is just the documentation of the journey, I can give you some more context to my story. In the last 24 months, I’ve almost had to file for bankruptcy and I almost lost my home, my wife and I of 12 years split up, I raised two teenagers alone, and I laid to rest a failed business. 
Now please, have no pity on me as a lot of it was because of my own decisions and doings. Besides, my kids are pretty fucking awesome so that was a blessing to me :)

I tell you this so you’ll have more of the backstory as we approach the two month mark in this year long journey together.

This journey right here isn’t pretty. It’s filled with tears, sweat, a little blood, scars and some occasional body odor. It’s the type of journey that some people don’t want any part of and others can’t fathom. But I can’t have it any other way. I’m addicted to the grind. I like the heartache. I like the highs and I like the lows that come with being an entrepreneur and running your own shit. I’ve been humbled in the last 24 months like I haven’t experienced in the past and yet I want more. The defeat is simply building a stronger self inside.

So if you are looking for entertainment, shoot me an email, I can send some links your way. Looking for amazing business skills and motivation, I can rattle off the best of the best for you also.

Here, you’re only going to find me. 
And this is just the documentation of the journey.