Good morning dear friends of CryptoRevolutionTime, our exciting journey proceeds undeterred, we are just a few days from the end of phase 2 and the bonus of 20%. At the same time, at the end of the month, the mining platform will be launched, another important part of the CryptoRevolutionTime ecosystem.

Soon you will find on our social channels all the details concerning mining and other news.

Greetings from all, the Staff !

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Tokens can serve three primary purposes, each one classified under a different name. If a token’s purpose is to sell a piece of the company, much like a stock, then it is an Equity token. If the token is backed by a tradable good, such as gold, real estate, storage space, etc., then it is known as a Security token (these are often more heavily regulated because they are more similar to fiat currencies). Last, but not least, is the Utility token that provides access to a specific product or service. Depending on the token classification, knowing about the relevant laws in association to tokens is very important since regulations change quickly.

Masternodes is currently a trend theme in the world of Crypto currencies. There are different types of coins that have adopted the PoS system (Proof of Stake) proof of participation. DASH was one of the pioneers in this field, then others followed the same steps.

What exactly is a masternode?

Masternodes are nodes in the currency network, which perform specific functions, not just transaction control. In the case of Dash these allow the perfect functioning of InstantSend, PrivateSend, and the treasury of DASH. Other crypts like Crown plan to use these Masters nodes to accommodate decentralized applications and other functions.

Cryptoevolution’s new international reality which belongs to satellite platform sites “family” and it’s able to diversify the various services such as ITO, merchants, learning and much more. This will be managed by an ERC 20 tokens named CREV that can be used for different services. Today we’re into the ITO phase, it allows us to use various services right away. Being an ITO, opposed to an ICO that needs to collect financial capital in order to work, the program’s been already financed. The CREV supply (69.000.000 tokens) will not be burned. However, using this hybrid strategy, we aim to incentive…

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